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6 Reasons why Yoga is the Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution

By yogaadmin | In Wellness | on April 2, 2014

“Nobody’s saying we’re all going to do yoga and look 20 forever. But yogis are renowned for their inner and outer vitality, ability to move, breathe, stay strong and active. If that’s not the fountain of youth, I don’t know what is!” Sadie Nardini

Ageing is a reality of the passing in time. What we really want when we desire Anti-Ageing is Anti-Old. Creams and hair colour alone won’t do it. Though there are some incredible creams on the market and you can look forward to reading about them here. But growing older doesn’t mean you have to look or act Old. As you age you can remain vital, engaged, graceful and flexible. It is how you eat, how you live, your attitude and how you move.

The Harvard Woman’s Watch tells us that after just 24 weeks those who used Yoga Treatment saw a 29% reduction in function disability, a 42% reduction in back pain and a 46% reduction in Depressive symptoms.

Why, after 5,000 years is Yoga becoming more and more popular? It’s simple. Yoga yields benefits!

  1. Flexibility is achieved by gentle and slow stretches which release your muscle tension. These stretches begin to release Lactic Acid which is responsible for the tightening associated with arthritis, back pain, tension, limited mobility. While stretching you will learn to adopt deep and rhythmic breathing bringing more oxygen and energy to stretch and helping to help flush out stored up toxins.
  2. Strength will be renewed by holding your poses, along with deep breathing. In standing poses you are strengthening your hamstrings, quadriceps and abdominals.
  3. Posture occurs through a regular practice of sitting and standing Asanas. This regular practice will strengthen your core abdominals, back and leg muscles and will bring flexibility to your spine.
  4. Heart Benefits of Yoga are the result of lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.
  5. Less stress is what we all seek and stress has been a problem through the ages. Remember when you were upset and your mother said just breathe deeply and it worked. Well that comes from the Yoga practice of concentrating on your breath. As you do your stretches, your circulation is increasing, your are concentrating on your poses and not your problems and you breathing becomes a technique to fill your lungs and body with fresh air and exhaling the toxins. There are many biochemicals responses that happen, but the bottom line is that you can expect to feel calmer and revitalized after your first class.
  6. Positive attitude makes all the difference in how you look. A smiling calm face looking back at you in the mirror can be yours through the practice of Yoga. No skincare can bring you that.. You have a practice and a renewed way of life and the tools needed to live longer and, frankly, better.

You do not have to be fit or even athletic in any way to succeed in the practice of Yoga. You don’t have to be good at Yoga, you just have to do Yoga. An affective Yoga practice means that you commit to 2-3 times a week.

So let’s get started!

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