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  • “Nobody’s saying we’re all going to do yoga and look 20 forever. But yogis are renowned for their inner and outer vitality, ability to move, breathe, stay strong and active. If that’s not the fountain of youth, I don’t know what is!” Sadie Nardini Ageing is a reality of the passing in time. What we […]

  • The meaning of Yoga

    By yogaadmin | In Philosophy of Yoga | on February 27, 2014

    The language of Yoga is Sanskrit. It is believed that word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit root , yuj, which is translated to mean “yoke”, “tying together” and “to unite”. The most common interpretation of the word “Yoga” is yoking together of mind, body and spirit. This is achieved in practice when practitioners are totally […]

  • Hot Yoga : Is It Good For You?

    By yogaadmin | In Yoga World | on February 27, 2014

    The Hot Yoga practice became extremely popular in recent years in Toronto. On some point it became a challenge to find Classical Hatha Yoga class in regular temperature room in suburbs. When some Yogis are in love with heated rooms, many are having concerns if physical activity in heated to 38-40C degree room will benefit […]

  • Why guys stay shy from Yoga Practice?

    By yogaadmin | In Yoga World | on February 27, 2014

    In yoga studios around the world, practitioners breathe, bend, twist and stretch their way to a happier state. They leave more relaxed and more energized, with better posture and a renewed outlook. But there usually is one curious thing: Women will outnumber the men. Studio owners and teachers say that this disparity is not unusual, […]