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3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Safe Space for Your Practice

By yogaadmin | In Studio News | on July 25, 2016

Yoga is a great way to improve strength and flexibility.

It’s no wonder then that it has become an increasingly popular method of nourishing our bodies. But as yoga becomes more popular so are yoga related injuries becoming more prevalent. With women and men of all ages and abilities practicing there have been many new developments in styles and methods of teaching.
It can become difficult and confusing to figure out what is best for you!

There are a number of things one should look for when choosing a safe place to develop your yoga practice.
1. Firstly you should make sure you have a qualified teacher, just as there are many studios to choose from there are even more teachers. With many postures that can have your spine in compromising positions, you want to make sure your teacher is able to guide you through your asanas in the safest manner possible.
Your teacher should be able to provide you with personalized adjustments based on your individual body constitution. As well as providing props for added support as needed.
At Yin Yang Yoga Loft we have quality instructors who realize that not all bodies are made the same, and we must acknowledge our limitations as well as our abilities.

2. Class size is another aspect you want to take into consideration, when classes are over flowing with students it can be difficult for the teacher to take the time and care to adjust students on an individual basis. This can lead to misalignment, and injury can happen.
Yin Yang Yoga Loft class sizes keep a balanced student-teacher ratio to ensure that everyone is given proper guidance. Which is especially critical for beginners, who need even more attention when first learning proper alignment and technique.

3. Last but not least, you want to consider the yoga community you are about to join.
When starting your yoga practice, feeling like you are in a safe and welcoming environment is crucial. Some places have adopted more of a competitive approach to Yoga, which strays from yoga’s core philosophy. Our practice is very individual, when we compare and judge ourselves it can lead to us feeling the need to push ourselves beyond what we are ready for.
At Yin Yang Yoga Loft we have students of many different backgrounds and abilities, there are always options for more supported as well as advanced poses. So everyone can feel challenged at whatever stage they are at.

Here are just some of the positive feedback we have gotten from students who have experienced our classes first hand.

* Yin Yang Yoga Loft is my favourite yoga studio ever!
The instructors emphasize strength and proper alignment in a gentle manner. I have gained strength in my mind and body as a result. The smaller studio size is inviting and comfortable. My favorite classes are Hatha Core and Strength and Mobility. Yin classes are great too and I always leave feeling calm and relaxed. I strongly encourage you to check it out! –Devon

*Classes are suited to the individual, challenging if that is what you want, gentle when you want gentle.
There is variety in the schedule and it covers most time options. The instructors are well informed and design classes to cover most levels. A caring atmosphere and peaceful studio. – Judy

*I love coming to this studio!
I love the warm and relaxing atmosphere, it almost feels like an escape 🙂 The instructors are great and I really appreciate the emphasis they place on personal attention. I’m always trying new classes but my personal favorite is the Yin Yang Mix – highly recommended!! –Ela

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