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The Baby Boomer generation is hitting the gym. This is the fact.
And Baby Boomers aren’t simply looking to “get healthy;” rather, they want to exercise in a way that helps them maintain their physical fitness, fight the chronic diseases that come with age, and perform daily tasks and activities as they did when they were younger.
This is where Functional Training comes in.
Functional Training is designed to train muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities. Combined with cardio workouts, this exercise regimen is becoming increasingly popular as more baby boomers make the decision to get fit.
Done properly, Functional Training will make everyday tasks – such as picking up groceries – easier by mimicking those motions in the gym.

Multi functional strength exercises that involve rotating, pushing, pulling and squatting help improve power and endurance, so Baby Boomers can reduce their risk of injury and improve their quality of life.
The key is to have each exercise work more than one muscle group or part of the body at a time, as would most actions in daily life. As a result, Functional Fitness should include some sort of cardio combined with strength training.
Traditionally, personal trainers have had their older clients do mostly seated, machine-based exercises. The problem with this is it does little to help with the one thing this age group wants more than anything…mobility.
Most people simply won’t ever need to be good at pushing something from a seated position for example, so why train that way?
The good news is there’s been a shift in the fitness industry to Functional Training where exercises are done standing up and moving around.

At Yin Yang Yoga Loft we are on the top of fitness industry trends!

Starting in November we will be offering 3 classes a week of Functional Training 101:
Monday, 7:00 PM
Thursday, 10:00 AM – ALREADY IN SCHEDULE

What is Functional Training 101 class look like?
It is a 45-minutes workout includes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. Combination of cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle.
You will be offered the set of strength exercises and cardio moves to execute for 60 seconds each on your own pace and use resistance of own your ability.
Each class is different.
You will be never bored!
Your performance will be supervised by educated trainer to keep you safe and efficient.
It is Personal Training in Group environment!
It is fun!
And done in a group will keep you motivated not to quit when it becomes a challenge.

Join our Yin Yang Yoga Tribe to get fit and mobile!
Book your class now!