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How Yoga practice helps me in my road to IRONMAN.

By yogaadmin | In Wellness | on June 2, 2015

You are an active person.
You remember you run 5k when you were at the college.
You liked cottage bike rides along the lake.
You can swim ”fake breast-stroke” for 50m.
You are ready to become a triathlete!

No kidding!

First when you hear what is an Ironman distance you think it is crazy! Who could do that?
Then you are invited to cheer on local race for your friend or relative.
You see normal people racing. When I say normal, I mean all ages and complexion, women and men.
The excitement is in the air. They smile, jump and hug on the finish line. You feel jealous. You want to share such excitement.
Then you go to the bigger events: 70.3 Ironman, Ironman…
You observe couple of thousands fit, healthy and tan people. Everyone looks like he/she came to win the race. You learn their language. You meet their legends. You read everything about the races: routes, grades, pace, equipment, food.
Only difference: on the race day you will stand on the curb.

That was me four years ago.
I loved the idea of triathlon right away.
The only problem: I could not swim free style. And what I call breast-stroke wasn’t actually that.
I was afraid of riding bike on the roads with traffic. And I did not have one.
I was a very slow runner.
Today I am still a slow runner, but I can run long.
I am still afraid of cars,descends,do not know to ride a bike with one hand.
But I swim in open water. Actually I enjoy the swim a lot now!


And I am training for my first Iron man distance…

My training started officially in October, 11 month prior to the race, that will take place in August 30 in Hutsville, Muskoka, Ontario.
From then I spent 75 hours in the water and swam 175 km.
I rode a bike inside and outside for 2640 km in 113 hours.
And I run on treadmill, trails and pavement 1040 km, spending 107 hours for that.

It is 12 weeks before the start. My training came to the final stretch.
I train 14-16 hours a week right now for three disciplines, and I expect in peak weeks in July those hours will go up to 20…

My weekly training plan calls for 3 1-hour swim practices, in which I able to cover 2000-2400 meters usually in swimming drills, intervals, and non-stop swims.

My open water swim takes place in lake Wilcox, in Richmond Hill.
Some tri-clubs are already seen swimming. Water temperature is believed to be 15 degrees C…I hope to be brave next week to try it…

Last couple of weeks I have 4 rides during the week.
One is inside on trainer. It is intensive intervals in 100-110% of my maximum wattage.

Second is easy ride, that I try to enjoy as much as possible:-)

Usually I choose flat course and scenic roads:-)
And weekends are for so called “bricks” : combination of ride and run of different longevity.
The longest ride so far was 90 km. The longest run after the bike – 15 km.

On the top of the “brick” runs my plan prescribes two additional running sessions: one is for speed, the other is for endurance.

How anyone can do this?
Only when you eat to train.

Nutrition is often called the forth triathlon discipline. Most of the athletes are experts in food nutrients.

This type of physical activity makes your muscles tired… and tight.
That when my Yin Yoga practice will come as a miracle to recover.
Mental training, flexibility and body awareness that three aspects I would mention when it comes to my Yoga practice benefits.

One day in my training schedule is called.. day off!
I love this day lately. I never skip it!
Any hard training, working or strenuous activity should be balance with rest and recovering.
With work schedule, family time and obligations, not to mention training, there isn’t much time to just be.
Meditation and relaxation in savasana is the answer.
Savasana is a pose I rely on many days to give me the pick me up I need to carry on. It’s simply the ultimate integration and restoration.

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