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By yogaadmin | In Strength Training, Wellness | on June 28, 2018

As we age, our muscles lose mass, our metabolism rates slow, and our bodies gain fat. While this is part of the natural aging process, a lot can be done to decrease the extent and rate of these changes. With a thoughtful fitness plan and under the guidance of experienced trainer, it’s possible to stay healthier for longer.

Some facts:

  • * Muscle loss increases to ten pounds per decade after age 50. It increases risk factors for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  • * Muscle loss is the largest contributor to age-related decline in resting metabolic rate. Strength training and fitness focused on muscle gain can help to counteract the natural loss of muscle.
  • * Resting metabolism accounts for 65 to 75 percent of daily calorie use among sedentary men and women. Consequently, metabolic rate reduction is generally accompanied by increased fat weight. The less muscle you have, the lower your metabolism will be and the more likely you’ll be to gain body fat.
  • * Numerous studies have shown that a basic program of resistance training can increase muscle mass in adults of all ages. Resistance training stimulates increased muscle protein turnover, which has an impact on resting metabolic rate.
  • * You do not need to spend hours in gym. Implementing resistance and aerobic training only a few hours a week will give your improvement in muscular strength, body composition and cardiovascular fitness.
  • * 10 million American adults have osteoporosis. Twenty percent of women and 15 percent of men will experience a bone fracture due to osteoporosis. Adults who do not perform resistance exercise may experience a one-to-three percent reduction of bone mineral density every year of life.

At Yin Yang Yoga Loft we understand the importance of resistance training as well as other movement modalities and offer you Strength Fusion into Yoga Asana Practice.

But the best way to introduce yourself to resistance training, if you are a rookie, is to work one-on-one with personal trainer.

Yin Yang Yoga students, that taking Strength Training 101 Program more than a year, see a great improvements in their musculus strength and endurance.

“The strength training is an excellent program. You feel so such better, stronger and more fit. I love it, as I get one on one personalized training, where the program is design specifically for me. I find Galina is always adapting the exercises to suit my body limitations. As well I’m always coached how to properly lift the weights. I never did weight training before, but it is now one of the programs I never miss.”

“I have always avoided the gym due to having a lack of knowledge about using weights and exercising safely. In the strength training sessions, Galina provides clear instructions and demonstrates the proper use of equipment. She is supportive and gently encourages me to challenge myself while not overdoing it. She tailors the sessions to where I am and always considers my specific needs and goals when doing so. I have noticed such an improvement in my overall strength as well as in my yoga practice after only a handful of sessions. I highly recommend these strength training sessions!”



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