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Yin Yang Yoga Loft: From Beginning to Now

By yogaadmin | In Studio News | on October 28, 2016

About 7 years ago around this time Yin Yang Yoga Loft first opened its doors, welcoming students from all walks of life to help them reconnect to their bodies and minds. From the beginning there was always a strong emphasis on gaining knowledge that could be carried off the mat and applied to daily life.  Maintaining the essence of traditional yoga yet always staying current with the most up to day evolutionary, advancements in movement.

Here is the story of one students journey through the years…


How did I start my journey with Yin Yang Yoga Loft?

When I first started practicing yoga it began with a short stint at my local gym. The class was full, I was using a padded mattress instead of a mat, and the overall experience was definitely not something that had a lasting impact on me nor was it a transformative experience to say the least. After that I had toyed with the idea of going to an actual yoga studio for quite some time.

By chance one day my mother had mentioned she saw a new studio open just 5 minute from me. Immediately after walking into the humbly sized space I felt that this was something special. After the first class I could tell I was entrusting my body with someone knowledgeable and someone who cares.  The intimate sized classes made me feel like I was getting the attention I needed especially as a beginner.


What makes Yin Yang Yoga Loft different from other studios?

At the start of my practice I wasn’t always the most devoted to attending classes regularly. But each time upon my return I was greeted with open arms and I had felt like I never left, the teacher even remembered particular limitations I had. There was always a strong sense of community. Those who come here, come to learn and grow this becomes part of their lifestyle.

Since coming to Yin Yang Yoga Loft I have tried some other studios in between that I did enjoy, but in the end I always come back here.

• The classes offered here are tailored in a ‘workshop’ style, where in most classes there is a focus on a certain theme such as the muscles/movements of the hips or shoulders.
• Often times you will find movements incorporated from other genres of exercise such as dance and strength training.
• Great importance is also placed on learning functional movements that we can apply to our daily lives, to move better and feel better.


img_0642-2Where is Yin Yang Yoga Loft heading?

Since first opening its doors Yin Yang Yoga Loft has grown in community and has expanded into a larger space, where even more people can come and experience the almost magical, life transforming power of yoga.


• There are always new and exciting workshops happening to expand the knowledge and love of yoga for those who wish to deepen their practice.
• New classes are added regularly to add diversity such as ‘Nia’ a class which incorporates martial arts, dance, as well as yoga sequencing.
• And now Yin Yang Yoga Loft is offering a Teacher Training program in hopes of continuing the traditions that set us apart.

I myself have been so inspired by the healing power of movement I decided to be part of the Teacher Training program. I hopes to not only deepen my own practice but hopefully be able to share that with more people.



Here are some of the wonderful things current students are saying about our studio.


FRAN: “I have practiced yoga for about twelve years. I come to the mat almost daily because I can achieve peace of mind, strengthen my body and improve my posture during the class, and I know that I will feel better when I leave the class. I enjoy practicing yoga with other people who want to achieve the same goals as I do…I love yoga and look forward to joining a class as often as I can.”
KIM: “I am in my 3rd year practicing at Yin Yang Yoga Loft. I feel so lucky to have found a friendly, non-competitive, studio that is the perfect fit for me. I first began taking Yin Restorative classes. In the beginning, I even found them a challenge, as I have arthritis. Maybe a year later, I was able to try some basic Hatha Yoga movements. Coming more frequently I slowly started to build and increase strength and flexibility. I still have challenges, but I feel a lot more positive and if I did nothing my body would become stiffer and increasingly inflexible.”
MADELON: “I began practising yoga with Yin Yang Yoga Loft in November 2015. I had tried yoga many years ago thinking it was not for me. I decided to try it again in the hopes of improving my overall strength, flexibility and general fitness. What I found was more than just breathing exercises but indeed a great workout with greater mindfulness and awareness. I try to attend at least 4-5 times per week. My sore, weak ankles and shoulders are no more and I feel more toned and mindful of my posture. I love yoga!!!”



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